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Working in Thailand?

How to apply for a work permit

          Have you ever suspected why there are many foreigners come working in Thailand? Actually, there are many reasons such as they love the country and want to live here, they have a family in Thailand, the business has the branch in Thailand and other reasons. These are some of the reasons that foreigners come to work in Thailand, but to work in Thailand also has the laws and regulation for the foreigners before working in the country.

     Thailand is allowed foreigners come to work in Thailand. To legally work in Thailand for the foreigners, their visas must be hold the correct type of visa to apply for work permit, it must be the non-immigrant visa and it must be obtained before entering in Thailand. After the foreigners has their non-permit visa, The foreigners are able to apply for working in Thailand as long as they has their visa (non-immigrant visa), an available employer who provide the document of a work permit, and the occupation that foreigners are not excepted to work. It is better to begin applying non-immigrant visa within 30 days before entering in Thailand.

To obtain a Non-immigrant visa:

  • The applicant has to offer a job or starts a Thai company to employ himself/herself.

  • The company requests to manage with a non-immigrant visa of the applicant so that the company may be able to apply for a work permit

  • The company can assure the applicant to be of good moral and respectful to the culture of Thailand under the laws of the country.

          After they have a non-immigrant visa, they can begin to process the work permit which would take  7 business days to get a work permit. The work permit is processed by the Ministry of Labor Office.

          The documents are provided by the employee to obtain a work permit:

  • Passport copies with every page (signed copy)

  • Visa (non-immigrant type)

  • Departure card

  • Education degree (signed copy)

  • Transcript (signed copy)

  • Marriage certificacate (if the applicant married to Thai national)

  • CV or resume

  • Certificate (signed copy)

  • Photos which are 5 x 6 centimeters and this must been taken within 6 months before the application to a work permit


The government officials requires the documents to assure that those are the original and true document. The applicant has to pay fees for application a work permit.

     According to the thai law, foreigner be permitted work in the country however, factors for example, the national security, likewise the require of  foreign labor for the growth of the country is being regarded. Thai nationals are standing to be given procedence. In addition, below the foreign employment Act, the following careers are unopened to foreigner and is booking for Thai nationals only such as Agriculture, farm supervision,  Front shop sale, Making Buddha images, Pottery, Auction sale work,Wood carving,  Tour guiding or conducting, and etc.


     To conclude, the fact that foreigners can work in Thailand. They must be registered legally. By having to obtain the non-immigrant visa before coming to work in Thailand.  Once they have obtained the non-immigrant visa. They can apply for a work permit at the Ministry of Labor in 7 business days. After this, they can be used to apply for jobs. So, if the employer allows foreigners to work with a career that is not excluded. Which it will be better if you start using the visa within 30 days. Moreover, Thailand still gives importance to Thai people. Therefore, it is a profession that is exempt from foreigners to apply for jobs such as Pottery, Farm supervision or Tour guiding. However, Thailand still has many careers for foreigners to work.

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