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Getting married in Thailand?

It is easy to marry in Thailand. You have to follow the steps of Thai laws and cultures. They are 2 different types of marriage in Thailand which is a traditional Thai marriage and officially registered marriage. When people choose to marriage as traditional Thai marriage and live together as a spouse, they are subjected to the laws, which is not considered as a spouse it will not create the laws act, legal rights and any obligations. Only the officially registered marriage that will create the right and responsibility under Thai family laws.

When you want to marry as a legal marriage you have to follow the 4 procedures. First, Get an affirmation of freedom to married from the local embassy of your country. The document will attest that you are single you can get married in Thailand. The embassy will require you some documents likes, the divorce certificates or death certificate of your ex-spouse. Which different embassy will require a different document or even swear in front of the officer. With these documents, you can legally be married. Then, once you get the documents from your country embassy you have to use the authorized translation services to translate it into Thai. After that, take the attesting document and the translated one to the Ministry of foreign affairs in Bangkok, in this step you can go your self or you can sign the power of attorney to the services so, they can do it for you. In this step, Both documents will be legalized. Lastly, when you have the attesting document and translated one that already legalized, you can go to Khed or Amphur (in Bangkok is called Khed) with your passport, and get married. You and your spouse will receive the certificated of marriage. Notice that your spouse name title must be changed here in her Thai ID and the house registration(Ta Bian Bahn).

So, you must consider your situation, there are a few steps to get married in Thailand. While a marriage is a proof of love, a moment of happinesses sharing each other, it also creates a lot of legal effects that may occurs the future, you also have to concern the family law in the civil and commercial code and once the marriage is registered its may rarely be canceled by law.



    Marriage in Thailand is when a man and a woman decide to live together as husband and wife, which according to the current law stipulates that marriage requires marriage registration. Will be effective under the law. Therefore, if no marriage registration Despite the enormous wedding ceremony held Law is not considered The man and woman were married.


When Thai people married with other Thai people

The Thai people that have already married, they have to go to do the marriage registration to register with the register at the district office without paying any fees at all and they have to show the consent of both parties that want to marry in front of the register too. After that, the register shall have to record the consent. But sometime in the special circumstances for example if it has war and the war gets an effect that the male and female cannot go to marriage registration. In this case, both men and women may agree to marry. In front of an adult person (aged 20 years old) and when the war calmed they have to go to registration marriage in 90 days.

In Thai law, there have 7 marriage conditions.

  1. Both men and women who are married The law require that it be 17 years of age.

  2. Both man parents and female parents Consent  guardians In the event that the spouse is a minor

  3. The law has disallowed men and women who already consort and they cannot marry with other people

  4. In the event that the woman whose original husband is dead or the marriage is divorce by other reasons, they can get married again with other people  when the former marriage ended 310 days

  5. The law prohibits the insane or the court order to be an inability to marry

  6. The law has disallowed men and women who are direct or the same offspring entering into marriages.

  7. The law has disallowed the person who admits a protege have married with her or his own protege


When Thai people married other people that come from a different country


Marriage registration under Thai law

When the foreigner wants to marriage registration with Thai people, the foreigner has to ask for a certificate of celibacy Which can be obtained from the national embassy in Thailand, then they have to translate the certificate into the Thai language after that they have to submit to the Nationality and Legal Division Both the original version and the translation version and  bring all passports and documents went to apply for a marriage registration in the district Together with your husband or wife.


Marriage registration under foreign law


When the Thai people want to marriage registration under foreign law, they have to contact the Thai embassy to request documents that are required to register for marriage with a foreigner, Next bring all the documents  to translate into English and submitted  to the Nationality and Legal Division Both the original version and the translated version and then bring the ID card with all documents. To certify with the Thai embassy in Thailand And then continue to use it in foreign countries.


Important qualifications in marriage registration with foreigners


  1. The person who is married and wants to marriage registration in law both of them must be age 17 years or older and must not be a person who is incompetent

  2. Both man and woman status have to be single before they get marriage registration

  3.  Both men and women have not to be direct or same offspring and the person that they marry must not be the protege.

  4. the woman whose original husband is dead or the marriage is divorce by other reasons, they can get married again with other people when the former marriage ended 310 days.

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