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Our team – the team of MILA International Legal Advice comprises of qualified and experienced specialists in the field of Thai law with broad national and international experience. Our team includes experienced legal advisors and Mahidol University International College faculty members who are leading experts in their discipline areas and routinely authors legal publications.


MILA International Legal Advice has also developed a team of in-house translators who support the validation of documents and assist the day to day work with our clients, colleagues and partners from different parts of the world.

Our team provides extensive legal representation and guidance to all the legal needs of clients, combining a practical approach, in-depth legal knowledge, experience and understanding of clients’ business needs. We devote necessary time, talent and resources to help ensure you achieve your goals.


Depending on the particular cases in which we are involved MILA International Legal Advice has the capacity to engage rare and qualified specialist to assist our clients for the specific cases which is very valuable asset in disputes and litigation.

Meet The Team


Somboon Supphatada

Barrister-at-law and Licensed Lawyer 

Alessando Stasi Mahidol University Law Lawyer Bangkok

Prof. Alessandro Stasi Ph. D.

Project Director

Professor in Business Law at Mahidol University International College ​

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Orapan Tangruanrat

Lawyer and Project Manager


Amrita Luthra

Legal Assistant

Pasakorn Nuntutchote

Project Officer

Nai Khunsriuchen

Legal Assistant

Do you want to make sure that our team has the competencies and experience to navigate Thai laws and handle your case?

Below you can find some of the books, conferences and articles that MILA Law legal advisors have contributed to. Read on for more details and do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like to know more about their work.


Thai Private Law

by Alessandro Stasi

Represents the only English manual that explains in detail the main concepts of Thai private law. This book offers a general framework for understanding the main concepts of the Thai legal system.


Elements of Thai Civil Law

by Alessandro Stasi

Elements of Thai Civil Law is meant to serve as an introduction to the study of legal concepts and legal principles that apply to Thai civil law.


Thai Business Law

by Alessandro Stasi

Principles of Thai Business Law is aimed at students, researchers, and practitioners who wish to familiarize themselves with the legal environment for their academic or professional activities

International Arbitration

International Arbitration

Prof. Alessandro Stasi invites Thailand Arbitration Center for a joint seminar with Mahidol University

Entering into the Thai Market: the i

Entering into the Thai Market: the i

Prof. Alessandro Stasi gives a speech at the Southeast Asia Center in partnership with Thai-Italian Chamber of Commerce. (International)

IP and Thai Law

IP and Thai Law

Conference at Mahidol University College on IP and Thai Law

New Law on Arbitration in Thailand

New Law on Arbitration in Thailand

Prof. Alessandro Stasi explains the arbitration procedures and practice in Thailand

Minsiter of Tourism and Sport

Minsiter of Tourism and Sport

Main challenges and quick wins for Thailand's tourism industry



A Primer of Thai Business Law

David Tan


Updated on all laws, plus a bonus Chapter on Fraud. 



Provides quality legal advice and assistance 

Family Law

​Child Custody

Child Adoption

Pre-Marital Agreement



Wills and Estate Administration


Business & Commercial




Debtor and Creditor


Intellectual Property



​Company Work Regulations

Employee Agreement 

Social Security Fund Registration

Work Permit


Dependent Visa

Extension of Stay

Immigration Clearance

Marriage Visa

Non-Immigrant Visa

Overstay Clearance

Permanent Residence

Retirement Visa

Student Visa

Intellectual Property

​Geographical Location

Layout Design

Trademark, Copyright and Licensing

Trade Secrets and Know-how

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Corporate Tax

Personal Income Tax

Specific-Business Tax

Stamp Duty


​Condominium and Villas

Escrow Accounts

Foreign Acquisition of Property  

House and Land Purchase

Lease Agreement 

Business Counseling

​Business Licences

Contracts and Agreements

Factory Licences

Joint Venture

Mergers and Acquisition



Established Partnership

Modifications to a Limited Partnership

Appointment of or Changes Regarding a Liquidator

Closing of a Partnership 

Memorandum of Association

Establishment of a Company Limited

Transformation of a Partnership to a Company Limited 

International Trade

​Contacts in International Trade


Environmental Law


Environmental Audits

Environmental Litigation

Environmental Permits

Environmental Site Assessments

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