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Getting divorced in Thailand? What our MILA Law lawyers in Bangkok say...


    When the married life or after the marriage of each person is not happy have conflicts within the family or controversy, and others.  Therefore bring about divorce.  In this article we will talk about divorce in Thailand, including divorce laws and regulations, what we need to do.  Divorce is complete and lawful.


    Divorce is an act that ends the legally established marriage relationship and provides marriage evidence as evidence.  This can be done either by agreement or by a court decision.  Infidelity and extramarital affair are common reasons for a breakup of their marriage, with sexual desire being the cause of their infidelity.  This includes gender inequality.  Resentment or anger at your partner and the deterioration in the relationship between husband and wife.  There are two cases of divorce: divorce by consent of both parties and divorce by court judgment.The legal impact of divorce is the use of parental powers after divorce, foster care after divorce, compensation and alimony.  The psychological impact is that divorce decisions have a serious impact on the family, both children and parents.  In the beginning of the crisis, emotional disorders, from anger to sorrow, begin to diminish.  From 18 months to 2 years, each person adapts to relationships in a new way.  A couple that wants to get separated, might want to formalize the aspects that they agree on.  A divorce agreement  can contain provisions regarding child custody, marital property, alimony and / or child support.  It has to be signed in the presence of two witnesses and registered at the Amphur. The importance of a well written contract is evident.  The experienced lawyers at Interactive can assist you with this.

     In 2004, there was a 24 percent divorce rate, with 365,721 married couples registering for divorce 86,982, the most recent in 2017. Divorce rates increased to 41 percent, with 297,501 married couples divorcing 121,617 pairs, divorcing 333 per day.  The number one province with the highest divorce in 2017 was Bangkok, 16,187, followed by Chon Buri 6,476 pairs and Nakhon Ratchasima 4,572 pairs.


     In conclusion, Therefore, divorce is not appropriate.  Since there will be many consequences.  Both the legal responsibility for the various things such as child support (if has), alimony for women (in the case of men) and the psychological aspects of both parties as mentioned above.  On the other hand, if we don’t  want more divorce, we  shouldn't decide to get married in the first place or  should think carefully.

Divorce         is         a          divorce          that    is         an       act      to        end     a          legally            valid   marital           relationship  with    marriage       notification 

as        evidence.                 This     can     be       done  either by       agreement   or        by       a            court  decision.

Divorce         registration

There are      3          ways  to        end     a          marriage:

Death of        either party

Divorce         registration

The     court  ruled  that    the      marriage       was     revoked


Divorce         can     be       done  in         2          ways:

Divorce         by       mutual           consent      

Divorce         by       court  judgment


Documents  used   for      divorce          registration  are

Identity         card

Marriage       certificate

Divorce         or        divorce          agreement

Witnesses,    total   2          persons

Steps  in         contacting    divorce          registration

In        the      case    of        divorce          registration  in         the      registry          office divorced       couples          agree on      






Or       other            matters         (if        any)    by       divorce

Divorced       couples          first     agree on       which party  will      file      the      petition         first            and     foremost.                 And    at        which

registrar        office to        submit           a          request

Divorce         parties           submit           a          petition         together        with    the      divorce            letter  to        the      registrar        at        the      registrar       

as        agreed

In        case    of        divorce          by       court  judgment

If         the      court  has      a          final    judgment                  Divorced       couples          do       not            need   to        register          divorce          again.             And    if         

the      spouse           is         divorced       with    conditions,   register

Divorce         registration  to        the      registrar                    The     marriage       will      end.

Divorce         registration procedure

1.        Receiving      matters

- Divorced    couples          agree on       property                   Custody         of        children         (if            any)    in         writing                       Divorce         and     file      a         

petition         in         Form  Kor.    1          together        with    divorce          documents

To       the      registrar

*          P.D.    1514,1520,1522

*          SUT,   Regulations  on       Family            Registration,            B.E.     2541, Article            6,8,            Person           responsible  for      "Officer"

2.        Check the      evidence       or        related           documents

2.1      Identification           Card               Or       other  cards  issued by       the      government for            people           who    do       not      need   a         

legal   identification           card

Or       alien   identity          card

2.2      Copy  of        house registration

2.3      Marriage       certificate     (Khor Ror     3)        or        copy   of        marriage       certificate

2.4      Divorce         letter  or        divorce          agreement               That    has      at        least   2            witnesses

2.5      At        least   2          witnesses

*          Commercial Code, Enclosure      1514

*          SUT,   Regulations  on       Family            Registration B.E.     2541, Article            8,20   (1)            responsible  for      "staff"

3.        Check the      qualifications

3.1      Divorced       couples          agree to        divorce

3.2      Court verdict           in         which the      petitioner     presents        evidence       to        the            registrar        responsible

4.        Authorized   person           for      registration

- Registrar     (Registrar      /          Clerk  of        the      District           who    is         the      head   of            the      District           /          District           Director                    Or      


-Ministerial   Regulation    No.     4          (B.E.   2499),           responsible  person           "Registrar"

5.        Report           divorce          registration  results

- Registrar     to        clarify the      results            of        divorce          registration  to        the            petitioner


6.        Posting          registration

6.1.     Posting          with    the      method         of        typing in         the      divorce          register            (Khor. 6)        and     divorce          certificate    

(Khor. 7). Will           provide         a          memorandum         of        agreement   regarding            property,      parental        power            of        children                    

Or       other  matters,        the      registrar        shall    type    the      details            in         the            record           field

6.2      After  typing the      information in         the      divorce          registration              If            there  is         an       error, it          can     be       corrected     

immediately before           printing         - in      the      case    that    there  is         no       correction            and once       printed,         it          cannot           be      

called to        be       edited            again.             Which            will      prevent         the      correction                        orwrongful  deletion         of        information

when it          is         considered   correct          to        ordered         to        print   a          copy   of            the      divorce          (Cor.   Cor.    6)        and     divorce         

certificate     Cor.    7          for      the      petitioner     and     the      witness          to        sign     in            Cor.    6          and     Cor.    7          and     then  

deliver Khor.            Kor.    1          each   divorce

The     Ministry        of        Interior's       Regulation    regarding      the      registration  of            cover year    1998  Article            20,      the     

person           responsible  for      the      "Registrar",  "Officer"       and     give    the      Khor.  7            to 1     divorced       partner


7.        After  being  registered     or        recorded,     the      registrar        shall    keep

- Keep            the      registration  as        evidence       forever                      By       storing           in            a          file,     sorted by      registration  number                    

Without        destroying    it          because         it          is         an       important     document

Legal, which guarantees   the      rights of        those  involved.       The     registrar        does   not            have   to        store 

information on       the      computer.                Again because         there  is         information in



8.        In        the      event of        an       electrical       incident         or        communication            system failure

- To     abide  by       the      old      system,          which is         to        record           the      text     by            hand  in         the      petition         (Cor.   1)        and    

divorce          registration  (Cor.   6),       but

Must  bring  to        collect            divorce          registration  information             Mentioned   by            using  the      computer    

system           again  after   the      person           in         charge                       "Registrar","authorities


9.        Registration of        divorce          by       the      Registrar       Office

There are      steps  in         performing  as        follows

1.        The     first     registrar        operates       in         accordance  with    the      old      system,            which is         to        record           the      text     by      

hand  in         the      petition         (Khor. 1)        and

Divorce         registration  (Khor. 6)        and     then   abide  by       the      regulations               SUT.            Regarding     family

registration  2541  Article            21       Kor.

2.        The     second           registrar

2.1      Follow           the      above steps  5-8      and

2.2      Compliance  with    regulations               SUT.   Regarding     family registration  2541            Article            21       B.

*          SUT,   Regulations  on       Family            Registration 2541  Article            21,            responsible  person           "Registrar", 


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