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Towards a Rules-Based Community

In 2007, ASEAN adopted the ASEAN Charter, which stated its ambition to become a 'rules-based' community respecting the rule of law. In order to fulfil this objective, it is vital that the necessary legal infrastructure has effective legal support. This book helps readers to understand the need for and role of such a legal service. To begin with, it explores the way ASEAN and its various institutions have evolved.

Thai law for foreigners

This book introduces you to the development of Thai law and the structure of Thai government and the Thai court system. Explains legal procedures in Thailand for both criminal and civil matters, how to choose a lawyer, Thai lawyer's ethics and how to work with lawyers and interpreters. Answers questions on family and personal matters such as Thai citizenship, engagement and dowry, prenuptial agreement, wedding ceremony, making a will, and divorce procedures.

A Primer of Thai Business Law

As aliens in a strange land, many of us can run foul of the law, and just as it does in the West, ignorance of the law is no excuse. Any foreigners who stay here for any length of time are also in the situation of needing guidance over purchasing contracts, sales contracts, leases and loans, labor laws, and mortgages. This book, a Primer of Thai Business Law (ISBN 978-974-16-8821-0) and written by David Tan promises on the front cover to explain Thai business laws in a simple and concise way.

Principles of Thai Private Law

General Principles of Thai Private Law offers a general framework for understanding the main concepts, rules, and institutions of the Thai legal system. It details the history of the civil and commercial code and provides readers with valuable information about the main principles that regulate relations between private individuals. Written in a clear and easy-to-understand style, it first presents the general principles of law and then addresses more specific aspects.

Studies in the Contract Laws of Asia

Studies in the Contract Laws of Asia provides an authoritative account of the contract law regimes of selected Asian jurisdictions, including the major centres of commerce where until now, limited critical commentaries have been available in the English language. In this new six part series of scholarly essays from leading scholars and commentators, each volume will offer an insider's perspective into specific areas of contract law, including: remedies, formation, parties, contents...

Family Law and Customary Law in Asia
Businessman Meets Lawyer

Topics covered include general rules of law, the law of obligations and contracts, the management of affairs without mandate and unjustified benefits, the law of property, family law and the law of inheritance.

Principles of Thai Business Law

Principles of Thai Business Law offers both a comprehensive overview and selected details of contemporary business law in Thailand in a clear and straightforward manner. The main goal is to provide an understanding of the initial techniques of legal reasoning and legal analysis, legal institutions, concepts, and processes of the Thai legal system.

Elements of Thai Civil Law

Elements of Thai Civil Law is meant to serve as an introduction to the study of legal concepts and legal principles that apply to Thai civil law. It is designed to provide a concise and systematic overview of the norms regulating legal relationships between private persons in a clear and straightforward style that is understandable to readers unused to legal phraseology. Each chapter gives a detailed analysis of a particular area of Thai civil law as well as numerous examples of the main issues.


La France en Thaïlande


Italian Festival in Thailand

MILA vous accueille uniquement sur rendez-vous par mail ou téléphone. Nos avocats français et francophones sont présent dans la plupart des villes en Thaïlande.

MILA se trouve à moins de 10 minutes à pied de la station BTS, Thong Lor e Ekkamai.

3rd Floor, Modern Town Building, Soi Sukhumvit 63 (Ekkamai), Klongton Nua Wattana, Bangkok, 10110 ​ 


Tel: 097 180 5845

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Si vous êtes citoyen français en situation d'extrême d'urgence, vous pouvez aller à l'Ambassade française à Bangkok ou contacter l'Ambassade de France en Thaïlande au numéro : +66 (0) 81 994 49 01. En cas de vol ou de perte d'un passeport, l'Ambassade de France à Bangkok vous délivrera un passeport d’urgence, un laissez-passer ou un passeport biométrique selon le cas. Pour en savoir plus, cliquez ici.

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